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To apply for a new GSPC Gas PNG Domestic connection, please fill in the application form available at our offices. Please note that to get a new PNG Domestic connection, you have to provide a photocopy of any two of the following documents:

  • Most recent electricity bill
  • Most recent telephone bill (BSNL)
  • Passport
  • Ration Card
  • Most recent house tax bill
  • Certificate from the Society

(Effective from May, 2013) (REV. 07)

Tariff for Connection Charge

Sr. No. Description Rate
1. Registration Deposit (Refundable)* Rs. 1,000/-
2. 20 Installments each of Rs. 200 (Monthly) (Refundable)* Rs. 4,000/-
3. Stamp Duty Charges (Non Refundable) Rs. 100/-
Total Connection Charge Rs. 5,100/-
  1. One/Single Connection = one single home, one single kitchen, the above rate is for a single point for kitchen, it includes maximum 10 meter GI pipe for basic connection. 7 meter GI pipe for apartment / row house where common riser is installed. 5 meter MDPE pipe boring (manual boring) or 5 meter MDPE pipe (open cut), normal digging is considered.
  2. The instruments like pipe, valve, meter, regulator etc are of the ownership of the company while customer has to act like a custodian of those equipments and hence the responsibilities to maintain the above items in proper condition is of customers and they can not claim for the same.
  3. If the GI pipe is used more than 7 or 10 meters & PE pipe is used more than 5 meters, then customers has to bare the cost (Charge is non refundable) of extra pipes in the first billing as a debit note.

Other Charges of Gas Connection

Sr. No. Description Rate (Excluding all applicable taxes)
1 For Extra point in Kitchen (Non Refundable) Rs. 1,250/- Fixed
2 For Extra point†† in Bathroom (Non Refundable) Rs. 3,500/- Fixed
3 For GI pipe installed for more than 10 or 7 meter Rs. 225/- Per Meter
4 If MDPE pipe is laid for more than 5 meter (manual boring) Rs. 540/- Per Meter
5 If digging work done for MDPE pipe
for more than 5 meter (open cut)
Rs. 160/- Per Meter
6 Charges for temporary disconnection Rs. 100/-
7 Charges for reconnection after temporary disconnection Rs. 150/-
8 Charges of transfer# of name Rs. 200/-
9 Charges of cheque bounce Rs. 200/-
10 Annual maintenance charges Rs. 150/-
11 Minimum charges for gas consumption of 60 days 10 Units x Gas Rate
12 The security deposit for the gas consumption Rs. 500/- (with in bi monthly gas bill)
13 Late payment charges after due date for bill consumption Rs. 75/-
14 Meter replacement charge (after 1 year of installation) Rs. 1,157/-
15 Regulator replacement charge (after 1 year of installation) Rs. 345/-
16 Rubber tube replacement charge (after 5 year of installation) Rs. 102/-
  1. The billing for gas consumption is bi-monthly, installment amount for PNG connection security deposit shall be charged Rs. 200 per month. Total amount of Rs. 4,000/- (20 months) shall be paid by customers along with gas bill.
  2. The cost of converting the conventional gas burner/jet of the stove will be calculated as per the above, non-conventional burner is not considered above. The non-conventional burner conversion has to be done by the customer himself.
  3. Any type of alternations/modifications in the connection will be done by the company itself and for any change in connection the charges would be as per the company norms.
  4. The above rates are applicable as per the government rules and shall be amended as per the regular amendment in the government taxes or duties etc. and are subject to change as per the external conditions.
  5. GSPC GAS Co. Ltd. holds all & sole rights to change any of the rates as mentioned in above tariff card without prior intimation.
  6. The gas connection will be given to the resident/kitchen as per the availability of the pipeline.
  7. The billing will start as and when gas connection is done.
  8. For the temporary disconnection, the customer has to pay the disconnection charges, any outstanding bills along with balance installment of connection cost.
  9. These gas connection charges solely abide by the registration application forms' terms and conditions.
  10. For each house, two kitchen points in a single kitchen (platform) & maximum 2 geyser points will be provided.
  11. Gas burner conversion will be done only one time.

* Security deposit is refundable in case where feasibility of connection is not done or in case to transfers.
# the proofs of identify are to be submitted while registration.
† The gas connection in kitchen is given as per the rules and regulations of the company.
†† The gas connection in bathroom is given as per the rules and regulations of the company. For having gas connection in the bathroom the pre condition is that there must be a proper system of ventilation for exchange of air / air circulation, if it is not there the responsibility of the providing ventilation system is solely on customer.

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