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As a progressive and forward looking company, GSPC Gas Ltd. has always tried to identify new trends and work towards pooling together the right resources. Along the same lines, the company has been working towards developing new initiatives that involve various communities as a whole and thus create a proactive impact from the grass root level.

One such initiative is the "Suraksha Jagruti Abhiyan" Safety Awareness & Dissemination Activity. With a view to ensure that the safety measures involved in handling the gas is spread. GSPC Gas has hired a competent company with several years of experience in the field of event management for this project. The endeavor of the entire project is to create further awareness amongst 150 villages across Gujarat with regard to the precautions and safe use of Piped Natural Gas (PNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

In the current time frame, a total of more than 100 villages across the state of Gujarat have been covered. To ensure that the awareness drive is efficient, comprehensive and effective, the entire region has been divided into three routes. The first route is directed to villages in Kheda and Saurashtra. The second route covers Central Gujarat, while the third route focuses on South Gujarat This multi-pronged information dissemination ensures that the safety precautions and correct usage methods of the gas reaches across all sections of the state in a short span of time.

To initiate the project, a film on the safety measures of using PNG and CNG was created. The film utilizes an interactive session of the village council, where the common man is educated in the various safety measures involved while using the gas. The plot explores the various safety measures that users ought to be aware of the precautions to be taken when in doubt and methods by which, people can proactively assist GSPC Gas in ensuring that the gas is supplied safely. It further assists in informing people on how to contact the company representatives and how by following small steps in gas usage; the rate of accidents can be thwarted.

In addition to leaflets and brochures, as a media tool, the film augments the spread of awareness, mainly due to its high receptivity amongst the target audience. The 25 minute long film showcases how existing users use natural gas as a fuel, informs viewers on the safety rules involved while using the gas on a daily basis and clears common misconceptions people often have. This sparks the attention of viewers creating room for an interactive session, which leads to a desire to improve and act proactively.

Along each of the three routes, dedicated teams of 8-10 personnel have been deployed, who travel along with the activity truck spreading the safety information amongst the 150 villages. This ensures that a total of 50 villages each in South Gujarat, Central Gujarat and Saurashtra are made aware about the correct wav to use PNG and CNG.

The team along with a fully equipped activity truck visits each village in the morning and sets up a meeting with the village headman (Sarpanch). Details about where the set up can be located, objection permissions and a convenient time in the evening to show the film is finalised. The activities have been coordinated with local administrative bodies to ensure that the venue for the activity is centrally located and large enough.

Additionally the support of local administration ensures that the event is successful.

The team spreads out through the village and travels door-to-door intimating the village people about the evening program. Additionally leaflets about the safety information are distributed and the villagers are informally informed about what the awareness drive is about. Post lunch, the team takes another round of the village and reminds people about the same to ensure that a large number of people participate and the spread of information is more effective.

Al the pre-decided venue, the activity truck is set up. At the time, post sunset, the villagers gather and are introduced to why there is a need for safety awareness. Once done, the film is allowed to run. To keep the children occupied and entertained during the film, several games and activities are planned. After the film screening is done, the villagers, the team and representatives from GSPC Gas involve in an interactive question and answer session about the film. This is done primarily to gauge how much has been understood and to comprehend how well the information has been assimilated. To motivate people in retaining the information, prizes are awarded to villagers who correctly answer related questions in the interactive session. GSPC Gas representatives present at the venue clear queries of villagers with regard to the safety precautions in the interactive session. Post this session, the village headman is invited to share his thoughts on the safety awareness drive with the villagers and highlight the need for people to be proactive. Later on, the team meets with the head to garner an insight into the event.

The same procedure is carried out the next day in another village. This has ensured that more than 100 villages have been covered in the past 6 weeks along the three routes. On an average each village has a turnout of 200-300 at the evening activity. The largest turnout for the event was at 'Fatehpura' in Gandhinagar. where 1400 villagers were present. Women, who are the major users of the gas in any household, average about half the viewers who turn up and actively participate at the event. Active participation by villagers and a positive inclination by the village headman is indicative of the success of the entire activity so far. Testimony to the positive nature brought about by the safety awareness drive, can be seen in some letters from the village 'Sarpanch'.

Villagers participated in the safety awareness program organised by GSPC Gas. Around 200-300 people attended and are very happy with the information given to them.
- Sisodhra Village Panchayat, 13/12/2011.

GSPC Gas organised a safety program in our village. We are very satisfied by the activity.
- Nargol Gram Panchayat, 26/11/2011.

This is to certify that GSPC Gas has organised a Safety Awareness Event in our village.
- Sanjan Gram Panchayat, 25/11/2011

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